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Shriekback's original four members - Dave Allen, Barry Andrews, Carl Marsh and Martyn Barker - have been involved with a number of other projects over the years. This page tries to provide information on all of these related artists.

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Bands featuring Dave Allen:

The Crash Baptists

Another Dave Allen and Rick Boston project...

The Elastic Purejoy

Dave Allen's solo project 1994 onwards.

Gang Of Four

Dave Allen played bass on the first two Gang Of Four albums, 'Entertainment!' and 'Solid Gold', as well as on 'The Peel Sessions Album'.

King Swamp

King Swamp was formed by Dave Allen and Steve Halliwell after Dave left Shriekback around 1988, and disbanded in 1991 after the release of the second album. Also featured Martyn Barker.

Low Pop Suicide

Formed by Dave Allen and Rick Boston in 1992. Dave left the band after the first album. Low Pop Suicide have now split (allegedly?), and Rick is pursuing a solo career, which unfortunately falls outside the remit of this page (though I might maintain a discography anyway if people ask me nicely)...


Another band on the World Domination label. Malacoda are or were Ro Guess and La Sigler, but the album 'Cascade' (World Domination USA, WD0053-2, 1997) featured Dave Allen on bass and Clark Scheffy (also of The Elastic Purejoy) on 'EMS synthi and theremin'. The album was produced by Ian Caple.

Noise Abroad

A side project of Dave Allen's in the early '80s. One single only.


Dave Allen continues to be based in the USA and has recently been playing with a band called Squall. As far as I know nothing has been released, but for more information check out

Bands featuring Barry Andrews:

Barry Andrews

Three solo singles released 1979-81. More recently Barry has recorded a solo album in 2003.

Thee Caretakers

Basically a Restaurant For Dogs offshoot, one track has been released on a compilation and another six have crept out on an internet-only release.


Formed by Barry when Shriekback split after 'Go Bang!' but nothing was released at the time. One track eventually appeared on a compilation, and eventually the rest of the recordings were made available via the internet.

Robert Fripp's "League Of Gentlemen"

Featured Barry Andrews on keyboards, 1980-81.


A double-album of improvised music from Barry Andrews, Martyn Barker and Andy Partridge, released 2007.

The Refugees

1997/8-ish album featuring Barry Andrews on accordion, organ and piano, alongside David Marx and Kevin Wilkinson (both ex-Restaurant For Dogs), and Kat Evans (who played on Shriekback's 'Sacred City').

Barry Andrews "Restaurant For Dogs"

Supported the League Of Gentlemen on tour, with Barry Andrews a member of both bands, around 1981.


Formed by Jeff Shapiro (of Israel), who met Shriekback on tour and subsequently moved to London. 7even released an album called 'Electric Earth' featuring Barry Andrews on "keyboards, ratmors, eels, piano". They subsequently (without Barry) went on to become Astrohound, and have played at the Glastonbury festival in recent times.

Stic Basin

Essentially a Barry Andrews solo project. One album, 2003.


Barry Andrews played keyboards on the first two albums, 'White Music' (1978) and 'Go2' (1978). He also wrote and sang two songs ('My Weapon' and 'Super-Tuff') on 'Go2'. Further tracks were dropped from the album which ultimately led to Barry leaving the band. 'Things Fall To Bits' and 'Us Being Us' finally got an official release on the 2002 rarities collection 'Coat Of Many Cupboards'. One or two early Andrews demos have surfaced on bootlegs, too.


Barry also played on Iggy Pop's "Soldier" album, as well as having produced several bands over the years.

Bands featuring Carl Marsh:


Featuring Carl Marsh, 1992.

Carl Marsh

Solo album, released in 1989.

Out On Blue Six

Featured Carl Marsh on guitar. Split after one single in 1981.

Other Shrieks:

Martyn Barker

As well as his involvement in King Swamp (see above), Martyn has played on many other artists' records. Most of these are included in the miscellaneous section below.

Lu Edmonds

Lu played live with Shriekback for a while in 1985, and plays on the album Oil And Gold. He later played on the album Sacred City, before rejoining Shriekback in the mid-90s in time to play on Naked Apes And Pond Life.

Lu has also been a member of a number of other bands, including The Damned, Public Image Limited and 3 Mustaphas 3. He also plays on a number of the records listed on the miscellaneous page below.

Simon Edwards

Simon joined Shriekback in 1995 and plays bass on Naked Apes And Pond Life. Prior to Shriekback, he played on the album First Of A Million Kisses by Fairground Attraction, and on the Talk Talk albums Laughing Stock and Spirit Of Eden (and presumably also on the left-overs collection Missing Pieces, although there are no credits to confirm this). In 1990 he played alongside Kevin Wilkinson on Nick Robertson's album Bullet Proof Boy. He also plays alongside Martyn Barker on a number of the records listed on the miscellaneous page below, most notably on Joseph Arthur's album Big City Secrets and more recently the Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man album Out Of Season.

Note: Just to confuse things there is another musician called Simon Edwards whose name appears on a number of folk recordings. This is not him!

Other Stuff:

Billy Bragg And The Blokes

Martyn Barker, Lu Edmonds and Simon Edwards have been touring with Billy Bragg. So far The Blokes have featured on an 'official bootleg' live CD and the studio albums England, Half English and Mr Love & Justice.


Managed and produced by Lu Edmonds, with occasional guest appearances by Lu Edmonds and Martyn Barker. Described as "music and throat singing from the Altai-Sayani Mountains of Tuva (southern Siberia)". Totally fantastic so I've created a special section for them.


Collaborations with other artists not listed separately, etc.

V/A Compilations

These are included under the name of the band featured on each compilation, but for a full track listing for each one look here. Note that this list may be incomplete.

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