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Lineup: Dave Allen (basses, keyboards, drum computer), Ian Caple (flight deck engineering, tape loops, vocal treatments, drum computers), Brian Nevill (saxes, vocals, keyboards, percussion, drum computers), Luc Van Acker (guitars, vocals, keyboards, percussion, drum computers).

Belgian release.

Vent That Spleen (3.16) and Valley Of The Blue Men (3.44) are also featured on CD copies of Luc Van Acker's solo album The Ship (EMI 0777 7891752 6).

The LP of The Ship does not include these tracks. However, a sticker proclaims 'Featuring Dave Allen, Anna Domino, David Rhodes, Blain Reiniger, Brian Nevill'. The sticker was outside the shrinkwrap so this information may now be largely forgotten! Tracks on 'The Ship' LP are The Ship / Rain / Zanna / Heart And Soul / Feels Like Love / Wild And Angry / Keep Talking / Wildlife. This LP was released by EMI in Belgium (1A 062 1191811, 1984) and Wax Trax! in the USA (WAX 015, 1986, sleeve made in Canada). There may be other versions.

More information on Luc Van Acker's official website.

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