Carl Marsh: Lyrics to "Too Much Fun"

Too Much Fun:
Every Bone In My Body / Let Me Sleep Beside You / Shadow To Shadow / Garden Of Earthly Delight / Here Comes The Crush / Hold Me Up / Sweet Rain / Big Blues / Once Is Too Much For Me.

All songs published by Blue Mountain Music, except: 'Angel Pavement' and 'Sweet Rain' published by Blue Mountain Music/Virgin Music; 'Here Comes The Crush' and 'Big Blues' published by Blue Mountain Music/Ten Music; and 'Let Me Sleep Beside You' published by Westminster Music Limited.

All songs written by Carl Marsh except the following: 'Let Me Sleep Beside You' by David Bowie, 'Angel Pavement' and 'Sweet Rain' by Carl Marsh/David Barratt, 'Here Comes The Crush' and 'Big Blues' by Carl Marsh/Lu Edmonds. Songwriting credits are given on the LP label only; the BMI website confirms them and also lists some other songs from this period which never got released.

Lyrics reproduced without permission.

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Phil Hetherington
Last Modified: 01.08.06