Happyhead: Lyrics to "Give Happyhead"

Give Happyhead:
Happyhead Theme #1 / Fabulous / Digital Love Thing / Hurt, Dirt And Desire / A Wave That Breaks Forever / I Fall Awake / Harmony / Get Out Of The Cab, Babe / Love Kills / Spacetown / Back Of My Cab / Baby USA / Fat City / Shining Path / Lets Go See Mr. Hyde / Happyhead Theme #2.

All songs published by Virgin Music Inc./Copyright Control, except the following: 'Atomic Candy', 'Hurt, Dirt And Desire', 'I Fall Awake', 'Love Kills' and 'Lets Go See Mr. Hyde' published by Copyright Control; 'Baby USA' and 'Fat City' published by Copyright Control/Virgin Music Inc.; 'A Wave That Breaks Forever' and 'Back Of My Cab' published by Blue Mountain Music.

All songs written by Carl Marsh except the following: 'Happyhead Theme #1', 'Fabulous', 'Digital Love Thing' and 'Get Out Of The Cab, Babe' written by David Barratt/Carl Marsh; 'I Fall Awake' written by Carl Marsh/Chad Swahnberg; 'Harmony' written by Bill Clift/Carl Marsh/Tyrrell; 'Spacetown' written by David Barratt/Bill Clift/Carl Marsh; 'Baby USA' written by Carl Marsh/David Barratt; 'Fat City' written by Bryn Burrows/Bill Clift; 'Shining Path' written by Bill Clift/Carl Marsh; 'Happyhead Theme #2' written by David Barratt/Richard Bartie/Carl Marsh.

Lyrics reproduced without permission.

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Phil Hetherington
Last Modified: 28.04.05