League Of Gentlemen Discography

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Lineup: Robert Fripp (Guitar), Barry Andrews (Keyboards), Sara Lee (Bass), Johnny Toobad (Drums until 22.11.80. Plays on all live tracks, and studio versions of "Heptaparaparshinokh" and "Dislocated" only), Kevin Wilkinson (Drums from 22.11.80).
Also: David Byrne (Vocals on "Under Heavy Manners")

All UK releases except as noted otherwise.

Note: There was another band called 'League Of Gentlemen' in the mid-80s, they are believed to have been a German synth-pop act. The song 'Humatic' on a compilation previously noted here turns out to be one of theirs; thanks to Jesper from Sweden for clearing this up.

Some of the information on this page has come from John Relph's Robert Fripp discography, which may be found via the King Crimson website Elephant Talk.

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