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Lineup: Mike Daly (Drums), Carl Marsh (Guitar), Kate Sekules (Vocals), Geoff Wooley (Piano, Synth, Percussion), Nigel Holland (Bass, Vocals, Percussion, Guitar).

All UK releases.

Out On Blue Six - Live:

Out On Blue Six supported Hawkwind at the Lyceum on Sunday July 13th and Sunday July 20th 1980. A full review of the second Hawkwind gig appears here, but the following extract gives a flavour of the procedings:

"The 3rd band on the bill were Out On Blue Six, a New Wave band starting to shade off into New Romantic territory, with dual vocalists (one male, one female) plus bass / drums / guitar / keyboard. The crowd did not take kindly to them, bawling 'Haaaawkwiiind' all through their set and hurling beer cans at them. The biggest cheer of Out Of Blue Six's set came when the male vocalist was hit on the head by a can. As he had a voluminous floppy fringe, or as close as you can get to floppy when your hair is actually frizzy, the can more or less bounced off. In retrospect it was rather surprising that Out Of Blue Six didn't flounce off. Instead, they stuck it out and when announcing their last song, said 'Don't worry, you'll get your Hawkwind'. They then played an extempore number which featured the female vocalist delivering a high speed rant about 'dirty smelly greasy apes'. I rather admired their spirit."

The Boxer's Heart

In 2000, Kate Sekules wrote a book called 'The Boxer's Heart' about her (brief) experience as a professional boxer in NYC. A review of the book appears here and includes more information on what Kate is doing now. A feature on Kate appeared in The Observer newspaper (probably in the sports supplement) and is available here.

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