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These discography pages aim to include a full list of all record and CD releses by all bands which include, or included, key members of Shriekback (namely: Dave Allen, Barry Andrews, Martyn Barker, Carl Marsh). The exceptions are Gang Of Four, who now have a separate web page, and XTC, who have been omitted because information is already readily available. Cassettes are not currently included, unless of significant interest (e.g. different tracks).

V/A compilations are included under the name of the artist featured on each compilation, but a separate section is provided giving a fuller track list for each of these releases.

For a list of artists included please refer to the Index Page.

Corrections, additions and suggestions are welcomed, please email me.


Anything marked with ? has been unreliably reported to exist, and should be assumed not to exist until confirmed otherwise.

Historical notes are included within the main text. In particular, information about Radio One sessions was taken from the book "In Session Tonight", © 1993 by Ken Garner, ISBN 0 563 36452 1.

Track times in () are the official times given on the record/CD/sleeve. Times in [] are timed directly from the record or taken from a CD player, where official times are not given. Slight discrepancies are due to the official times being slightly wrong, or the CD tracks including a few seconds of silence.

A note about country of origin. Sometimes this is not easy to determine (i.e. it doesn't always say), and sometimes records are pressed in one country for release in another. This is particularly true in Europe; for example many UK releases are actually pressed in Germany. For this reason there may be some discrepancies between what the discography says and what it actually says on the record; this is on my list of things to put right, but it will be a big job so it won't be any time soon!

Copyright Notice

These discography pages are Copyright © 1995-2005 by P Hetherington.

Information about particular releases is not copyright and may be used without permission. However, the compilation of the information in this discography in this format is copyright and may not be published in any form whatsoever without the express permission of the author.

This discography, and individual sections thereof, may be distributed (electronically and otherwise) if and only if the entire copyright notice and attributions are included.

Please DO NOT re-post this discography to any newsgroup, mailing list or other internet site; as well as being a violation of copyright this leads to out-of-date copies floating around, which helps nobody.

If you wish to use this discography for anything other than personal use, please contact me via email for permission. This will usually be a formality, but it is only polite, ok?


I am indebted to everyone who has contributed to this website. There are too many to name them all individually but special thanks are due to Barry Andrews for having the patience to check everything and for dealing with my inane lyric queries, Martyn Barker, Lu Edmonds and Dave Allen for their various contributions, Carl Marsh for photos, and for answering queries on early Shriek matters and all things Happyhead, David Barratt (via Carl) and Chad Swahnberg for further Happyhead info, Geoff Woolley for teasing me with the promise of Out On Blue Six press cuttings (I'm still waiting!), thanks also to regular contributers Mary Huey and Tim Warrender, to all at World Domination in the USA back in the 90s, to John Relph and everyone on the XTC mailing list (For details see, and to everyong at the 'other webstie' (even though I was first!). Cheers!

© P Hetherington 1995-2005.
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