Billy Bragg and The Blokes

Billy Bragg and Wilco recorded the albums 'Mermaid Avenue' and 'Mermaid Avenue Vol.2', featuring rediscovered Woodie Guthrie lyrics with music added by Billy and Wilco. Wilco were subsequently unable to tour with Billy, so he recruited 'The Blokes', initially to play at the London Fleadh in summer 1998. The band has continued to tour, including releasing a live album (mail order/gigs only), and has since written and recorded with Billy for his latest studio albums, 'England, Half English' and 'Mr Love & Justice'. The Blokes are:

Needless to say, with Martyn, Simon and Lu involved, the sound has quite a bit in common with the mid-90s Shriekback material. (Also... Ben Mandelson played on 'Hammerheads'!)

For ordering details for the 'Mermaid Avenue Tour' CD, tour dates, and other Billy Bragg information, please see the official Billy Bragg website (doesn't always work - keep trying).

The Billy Bragg site currently includes the Blokes' gig from the Music Hall, Toronto, Canada (8 October 2000). Follow the link to 'webcasts'. It previously included the 15th December 1999 gig from the Forum, London, but this has now gone... can anyone point me to an alternate source for a copy?

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