The Elastic Purejoy Discography

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Lineup: The Elastic Purejoy: Dave Allen (Vocals, some Bass), Marc Olsen (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Joseph E. Howard (Bass), Scott Peterson (Drums), Also: Natalie Wood, Misty Reriard, Noah Stone, Clark Scheffy, Rick Boston.
The South Phoenix EP: Dave Allen (Vocals), Natalie Wood (Guitar, Vocals), Scott Hyers (Bass), Andrew J. Stone (Guitar), Jim Duffy (Drums).
The Clutter Of Pop: Dave Allen (Occasional Keyboards, Guitar, Bass Synth, Chinese Finger Symbals, Scratchy Acoustic Guitar, Voice), Manny Diez (Guitar), Marc Olsen (Guitar), Rick Boston (Guitar), Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Guitar, Bass), Clark Scheffy (Guitar, Banjo, Moog Synthesizer, Roland Analogue Keyboards), Scott Hyers (Bass), Mike Stinson (Drums & Percussion), Jessy Greene (Violin), Greg Mora (Piano), Also: Paddy McCaffrey-Allen, Nina Grivakes, Bea Chisholm, Rain, Christine.

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