Happyhead Discography

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Lineup: Credited as "Kylie" (The Voice The Feedback), "JFK" (Drums and VP HHFHVQ), "Seven Kings" (Keys and The Box), "The Great Steven" (More Bass).

"Kylie" is Carl Marsh, "JFK" is Jim Kimberly, "Seven Kings" is (mostly) Chad Swahnberg, and "The Great Steven" is Steve Greetham.
Others credited with songwriting are David Barratt, Bill Clift, Tyrrell, Bryn Burrows, Richard Bartie.

All US releases except as noted otherwise.

NOTE: There is a track called 'Ravers Emotion' credited to Happyhead on a 1997 compilation CD called 'Independence Rave - Invasion Of Earth'. This is emphatically NOT the same band. David Barratt's comment: "Call the lawyers!!!!!! Never heard of the label, compilation or even 1997."

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