Shriekback: Carl's Photo Scrapbook

This is just a small selection from the Shriekback archive - captions by Carl Marsh, May 2000. Click on the pictures for the full-sized versions.

The 'burleigh' pictures were taken by Vivienne Kent at the house in Burleigh Rd., Kentish town, where Barry & I were living, for the artwork and press for Tench (some of the session is on the sleeve). We danced around (the Shrieks always take a good dancing picture), hid behind some foliage, posed with a typewriter Kerouac-style and generally impersonated small, scared but dangerous animals.

'caff' is from The Yellow Cafe, just down the road... a regular hang, now an estate agent's, Barry tells me.

'falling' is from a session shot by Peter Anderson at the Michael Sobell Sports Centre in Islington. We spent two hours climbing 20' up the wallbars and plunging onto crash mats. Yes, it hurt.... but topping snaps, eh what?

'runners' is from a session taken after we had run around an athletics track until we were exhausted. The idea was that we would break down the usual studied composure of the typical 'band pic' and get something more raw & exposed. It worked.

'tarts - the contact sheet': what can I say?... it was the 80s, eyeliner was freely available on every street corner... at least we drew the line at frilly shirts. I can't remember if the photographer was NME man Chalkie Davies or his partner (in the domestic sense) Starr.

'o&g' is from a Nick Knight session for Oil & Gold press pictures (he also did the album photography). Expensive stylish photographer, expensive stylish clothes, Shrieks attempting to bring pain and suffering to the proceedings as per usual, jumping off trampettes and hanging from things until the joints popped. Except for me, in this one. Ha.

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