Shriekback: Lyrics to "Naked Apes & Pond Life"

Naked Apes & Pond Life

Stimulated The Beaded Hamster / Pond Life / Hostage / Invisible Rays / Claxon Bolus / Massive Custard / Jp8 / Berlin / unSONG / Baby Lion / Everything's On Fire / String, Sedatives, Weaponry / Keep-Net Stevenson / Anal Piss-Machine.

All songs published by Copyright Control.

All songs written by Shriekback (Barry Andrews, Martyn Barker, Lu Edmonds, Simon Edwards, Mark Raudva).

Lyrics reproduced with permission from members of Shriekback.
Initial transcription by Tom Pitsis (thanks!), corrections and formatting by Phil Hetherington. Many thanks to Barry Andrews for further corrections and answering various queries.

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Phil Hetherington
Last Modified: 28.04.05