Shriekback: Lyrics to "Sacred City"

Sacred City

Signs / Psycho Drift / The Bastard Sons Of Enoch / (Open Up Your) Filthy Heart (To Me) / Exquisite Corpse / Below / Beatles Zebra Crossing? / Hymn To The Local Gods / Every Force Evolves A Form / 3 am.

All songs published by WB Music Corp./Elastic Purejoy Music (admin. by WB Music Corp.) / Barry Andrews / Martyn Barker.

All songs written by Shriekback (Dave Allen, Barry Andrews, Martyn Barker).

Lyrics reproduced with permission from members of Shriekback.
Initial transcriptions by Tom Pitsis (thanks!), corrections and formatting by Phil Hetherington. Many thanks to Barry Andrews for further corrections and answering various queries. Top marks to James Dignan for identifying Saigon, to Geoffrey Grabowski for identifying the source of the Egyptian prophecy and to Thomas van Wissen for further details of Peter Jukes' book.

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Phil Hetherington
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