Shriekback: Lyrics to "«Jam Science»"

Jam Science:
Hand On My Heart / Newhome / Achtung / Midnight Maps / Mercy Dash / Under The Lights / My Careful Hands / Suck / Hubris.

All songs published by EMI Music Publishing Ltd. except 'Midnight Maps' and 'Suck' by EMI Music Publishing Ltd./Martyn Barker.

All songs written by Dave Allen, Barry Andrews and Carl Marsh except 'Midnight Maps' and 'Suck' by Dave Allen, Barry Andrews, Martyn Barker and Carl Marsh.

Lyrics reproduced with permission from members of Shriekback.
Transcribed by Phil Hetherington, with thanks to Barry Andrews and Carl Marsh for answering queries along the way.

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Phil Hetherington
Last Modified: 28.04.05