Here's the latest on Shriekback's latest, from Barry himself:

Glory Bumps

Shriekback's 11th album and their 2nd on Malicious Damage (following 05's acclaimed 'Cormorant'). Glory Bumps is in many ways more recognisably the descendant of Shriekback's mid 80s 'alt-rock' classic 'Oil and Gold' than any since. Anthems, hooligan choruses, big guitars, brass, a smattering of Psychobilly and, as usual, shed-loads of words.

Glory Bumps has a curious tangential relationship with Barry Andrews' and Martyn Barker's recent improvised album 'Monstrance' - a collaboration with XTC's Andy Partridge: Glory Bumps uses a number of loops created from the Monstrance album ('because they were there') as well as Martyn's inimitable live drums and real-time guitar contributions from Andy. Barry co-produces with Stuart Rowe, who was one of the engineers from Monstrance. However there is no DOUBT that this is a Shriekback album - as you will hear...

Wendy Partridge who has sung backing vocals on every Shriekback album since '86 features as does Barry's son Finn Andrews (of the Veils) who lends his intense vocals to the happy-clappy title track.

The album's title is a reference to the goosebumps experienced by fundamentalist Christians 'when the amount of misery prevalent in the world presages, or so they believe, their abrupt assimilation into the bosom of their Lord' - although we suspect that, on the day of the Rapture, Shriekback will not be amongst them.


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